County critic urges ‘no’ vote on Proposition P half-cent sales-tax hike

To the editor:

Voters should be especially cautious of Proposition P, the half-cent sales-tax increase that will be on the April 4 ballot in St. Louis County, supposedly to provide additional funding for police protection.

It isn’t what supporters claim it to be; the television ads are deceptive and dishonest.

County Executive Steve Stenger is exploiting support and sympathy for the police to take $80 million more a year from taxpayers that could then be spent with no safeguards, little accountability and no requirement to hire additional police officers.

At the St. Louis County Republican Central Committee meeting in February, former County Police Chief Tim Fitch — a member of the committee — said he could not support Proposition P. He said it lacked safeguards to prevent current revenue for the police department to be reduced when the new revenue came in.

Don’t send $80 million more to St. Louis County government every year.

Vote “no” on Proposition P.