Citizens ‘owed an apology’ for money crisis

To the editor:

Fellow citizens, by now you know of the money crisis of Crestwood.

How did this happen? You must accept a lot of the blame. You would not attend any meetings of the Board of Aldermen and let your views be heard. The board will not listen closely to a small group, but there is safety in numbers.

When the new police building was first presented, there were only about nine citizens at the most at the meeting. I was the only citizen to ask for the board to look into enlarging City Hall. This idea did not fly. I was told that City Hall was not designed for two stories.

Fast forward — after wasting $687,724.01 for architect design fees for a building that is now history, they now have to spend more for architect fees to design the addition to City Hall. I hope that this wake-up call will entice more of you to attend these board meetings. They are held at 7 p.m. the second and fourth Tuesdays.

I think that we citizens are owed an apology for this money crisis.

Robert F. Deutschmann