Citizens here will do more than just talk about forming a new county

In response to Bob Zehrer’s letter and after learning that Fred Weber will be getting their trash-transfer station, south county voters will be doing more than just “talking” about forming a new county.

Not only will I sign a petition, I will take it to my neighbors and ask them to sign it. Then I’ll ask some of my shopkeeper friends to keep petitions by their cash registers. From there, I’ll head to the post office where there is always a steady stream of people.

By then, I’ll just be getting warmed up.

The structure of St. Louis County government actually prevents fair representation of south county voters. Our county councilman, John Campisi, is just one vote — yet six other council members propose legislation and vote on our issues. They don’t live in our neighborhoods. They don’t attend our meetings.

Even so, we can’t vote them out and they have no accountability to us. Think about it. The districts outside of south county end up determining our destiny. Is there really any surprise that our needs and wants are falling on deaf ears? South county taxpayers deserve better — infinitely better.

Ann Wyrick