Citizen receives more respect from UrbanStreet than elected official

To the editor:

I am a Crestwood resident who attended the open house sponsored by the city of Crestwood and UrbanStreet Group about the proposed redevelopment of the former Crestwood Plaza.

I spoke with an UrbanStreet representative who politely listened to my thoughts regarding the proposed development. I then sought out Mayor Gregg Roby, as I had read that the city also wanted to “obtain public input.”

I was wrong. In spite of saying several times that he wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts, he proceeded to interrupt me while I was speaking, and brought up points that had nothing to do with my comments. Even my 10-year-old daughter felt that he was speaking loudly in order to attract the attention of others who agreed with him, and who then proceeded to debate with me.

I attended the open house because I thought UrbanStreet and the city wanted to hear my thoughts on the project. Much to my surprise, it was the representative from UrbanStreet who provided me with the most respect, and not my elected representative.