Carnahan’s criticism of Ryan’s budget proposal ‘misses the boat’

To the editor:

U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan “misses the boat” in his criticism of Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal.

The Republicans have made a serious effort to create a budget — unlike Mr. Carnahan’s party that didn’t produce a budget in its last two years in power.

And what plan did Mr. Carnahan’s party propose to strengthen Medicare and Social Security? Nothing — just a condemnation of the Republican proposals and the creation of “MediScare” tactics.

Mr. Carnahan does not have ideas. His party doesn’t have ideas, just demagoguery.

Until Mr. Carnahan puts a real plan on the table, one that honestly looks at the problem of entitlements and how they must be reformed, then he is only blowing smoke.

Henry V. Taber