Cap-and-trade legislation could prove devastating to U.S. economy

To the editor:

While Congress is busy debating health care, we cannot forget about proposed energy legislation that could still be voted on before the end of this year.

Most people now understand the basics of cap-and-trade legislation and are concerned that it will cause an increase in their utility bills and raise the prices on everyday goods and services. Now we hear directly from the head of the Congressional Budget Office — CBO — that a cap-and-trade system of carbon credits would slow the nation’s economy and create significant job losses. Any federal legislation that would cut the nation’s gross domestic product and cause employment shifts and job loss would be devastating to our already troubled economy.

People are still trying to recover from recession and unemployment.

Congress should listen closely to the words of the CBO and take into account the serious economic impact of cap-and-trade legislation.

Linda Boyer


Editor’s note: Linda Boyer serves as the Tesson Ferry Township Republican committeewoman.