Broughton’s letter on ‘wide-eyed gun nuts’ sounds like profiling


To the editor:

Green Park Ward 1 Alderman Michael Broughton’s March 8 letter regarding “wide-eyed gun nuts” sounds like offensive profiling.  He implies the “nuts” who like “military-style weaponry” desire to be “like real soldiers.”

With that profiling and narrow-minded thinking, I could say similar things about pickup-truck nuts. Perhaps truck-nuts aspire to be “like real truck drivers.” With their pristine, undented, unscratched, non-work trucks, these “nuts” own trucks by preference, not necessity. I feel threatened by their choice of vehicles: bright lights blinding me, bullying small cars like mine on highways and parking lots, pulling over in front of me without seeing me. Plus, their carbon footprints are excessive. And don’t get me started on “SUV nuts.”

See how easy it is to profile a class of people based on the horrible actions of a few?  Go ahead and say, “There’s no comparison to guns,” but you’ll miss my point. I’ve had occasion to enjoy safe target shooting with friends using their legal, registered guns. They are not nuts, Mr. Broughton.

Gun-phobic politicians profile thousands of gun owners with guns more powerful than pellet rifles as abnormal or extreme because gun owners enjoy something the gun-phobic do not.

Don’t equate a few killer cowards with thousands of lawful gun owners.

Don Henrich

south county

Editor’s note: Mr. Henrich is the husband of Call employee Diane Henrich.