Broughton accusing Republicans of the things Democrats are doing


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

I have to respond to Michael Broughton’s letter to the editor in the Aug. 15 edition of the Oakville Call.

First, he and many in the leadership of the Democrat Party are calling conservatives and Republicans “Nazis.”

That is extremely ironic since it is the Democrat Party that is now promoting anti-Semitism in Congress and on college campuses similar to what the Nazis did in Germany before WWII.

Similarly, the Democrat Party is anti-Christian and doesn’t want Christians to be allowed to serve in governmental positions because of their faith.

This is discrimination and a violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees “free exercise of religion” and “freedom of speech.”

Secondly, speaking of freedom of speech, Mr. Broughton says Republicans “have cultivated a single-source news constituency” and “controlled the political and social narrative.”

Again, these statements are extremely ironic since all the TV news networks, with the exception of Fox News, and virtually all of the major newspapers are totally biased towards liberals and the Democrat Party and continually bashing Trump, Republicans, and conservatives.

Thankfully, Fox News didn’t cave when Obama tried to coerce them into falling in line with the others. And as far as “emails, cell phones, text messaging, and tweeting” are concerned, these are individual’s free speech rights which he seems to be opposing if their message doesn’t agree with his.

It seems to me that Mr. Broughton is accusing conservatives and Republicans of the very things that the Democrat Party is currently doing and promoting.

Ray Kleinsorge