Board upholds business restrictions twice


By Erin Achenbach
Staff Reporter

A second attempt to repeal restrictions on commercial vehicles in Sunset Hills was defeated by the Board of Aldermen.

Under city code, commercial vehicles are required to display signage that indicates they are commercial vehicles.

A bill to repeal restrictions on commercial vehicles was first defeated at the Feb. 12 board meeting. Aldermen against repealing restrictions said at the time that it’s a matter of safety.

“I do think it’s a general rule meant to encourage safety,” said Ward 2 Alderman Casey Wong after the bill was first considered in January. “I think a lot of our predominantly female residents probably appreciate a lot more if we kept the ordinance as is and didn’t repeal it.”

Other aldermen felt that the restrictions are an unnecessary burden on businesses.

The bill at the time got a 4-2 vote, but a five-member majority is required to pass legislation.

At the Feb. 26 work session, Ward 2 Alderman Steve Bersche requested that City Attorney Robert E. Jones draft another proposed ordinance to repeal restrictions on commercial vehicles.

“Maybe it’ll get shot down again, but I just want to bring it back one more time,” Bersche said at the work session.

It was defeated 5-3 at the April 23 meeting, with no discussion on the proposal.

Ward 4 Alderman Thompson Price, Ward 3 Alderman Nathan Lipe and Bersche voted in favor of the proposal. Ward 2 Alderman Casey Wong, Ward 4 Alderman Mike Colombo, Ward 3 Alderman Kurt Krueger and Ward 1 Aldermen Dee Baebler and Ann McMunn voted against the petition.