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Ask yourself: How is your garden growing?

Healthy Living

Winter is gone, and spring begins to bring new life. The flowers bloom and the leaves begin to cover barren branches. The world seems renewed.

Spring is a hopeful season. It brings transformation and changes darkness to light, cold to warmth and gray to bursts of color.

April is the month for new life and a new beginning. Appropriately, April is National Garden Month.

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan declared April 12 to 18 as National Garden Week. National Garden Week was observed every year until 2002, when it became a monthlong event.

But I do not wish to discuss plant and vegetable gardening. I believe this time should be spent considering how your “Garden of Goals” is flourishing. This is your wish list of what you want to accomplish during your life.       

What do you want? How can you make every action a positive and constructive step toward completing your goal? You have to be SMART in setting your goals.

Goals must be Specific.  Each goal must be Measurable.  Goals must be Achievable.  They must be Relevant, and they must be Time sensitive.    

First you plan your garden by considering what goals you wish to achieve. Next you assemble the right tools. This could be educational material and reference sources.

Then you network to gain support from knowledgeable individuals. Do not forget to remove weeds. Get rid of clutter and distractions. Remove yourself from the doubters and those who are waiting for you to fail.

Plant your seeds by following the SMART method.  Finally, prune your plants.  Keep a record of your progress to see what is working and what is not. Adjust your strategy if it is not on track to achieve your goal.

Goals can be achieved. The early Greek philosopher Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” Get in the habit of following the steps above so that your Garden of Goals grows strong.


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