Appalled by snub of ‘The Passion of the Christ’

To the editor:

I was amazed and appalled to learn that the Academy of Motion Pictures did not nominate “The Passion of the Christ” nor any of its actors, directors, etc., for anything for the upcoming Oscar awards.

This seems to me to show a very clear prejudice against Christianity and/or against Mel Gibson because he dared to produce a film on his own without the backing of the movie industry. Of course, I have heard that 80 percent of the film community would not even view the movie.

Even Jewish film critics who viewed the movie said there was nothing in it which could be considered defamatory to the Jewish race/religion.

I urge all sincere Christians to ban the Oscar Awards fiasco and to rent or purchase “The Passion of the Christ” and watch it instead.

Jacquelyn Scialfa