Anthony owes Vincent, readers an apology

To the editor:

As a resident of Ward 2 in Crestwood and a member of the Crestwood Swim Club, I take great exception to Mike Anthony’s editorial accusing Alderman Gary Vincent of poorly serving his constituents.

On the contrary, Mr. Vincent has gone out of his way to work with neighbors, city officials and Swim Club members to ensure that concerns are addressed.

Unfortunately, there are just a few residents who have opposed this pool all along.

A couple in particular have been very vocal in their opposition and apparently represent the “majority” that Mr. Anthony cites in his editorial.

Gary Vincent has worked extremely hard to protect a valuable resource for the families of Crestwood.

A number of his immediate neighbors are members of the Swim Club, as are families on Bali Court, Fox Creek, Dallwood, Tahiti, Dublin and so many other streets within Ward 2.

A number of other families in the neighborhood visited the wonderful new facility this summer and are already making plans to become Swim Club members next year.

This pool offers a safe haven for children of all ages and is just the type of facility young families seek in developments throughout the metropolitan area.

No, Mr. Anthony, the few residents whose complaints you’ve listened to are not the majority.

That distinction belongs to families throughout Ward 2 and we have been admirably represented by Mr. Vincent.

Had you dug a little deeper before making a personal attack on one of Crestwood’s most loyal officials, you would have found this truth.

Your decision not to do so is inexcusable for a journalist and, for that, you owe Mr. Vincent and your readers an apology.

Anne Milford


Editor’s note: Mrs. Milford serves as a volunteer member of the Crestwood Swim Club’s Board of Directors.