American public better off because of EPA’s accomplishments

To the editor:

In reference to a letter written by Kate Martin in your April 24 edition, I believe there are a few facts she left out.

While I applaud her prior involvement in environmental causes, I think it is premature to dismiss the entire U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, because it “allegedly” flip-flopped on climate change, i.e. cooling versus warming.

EPA was signed as an executive order during the Nixon administration back in the 1970s. Many of the concerns that were brought forward during this time were protests by children of the ’70s, of which I am proud to say I am a member. EPA accomplishments include regulating auto emissions, banning the use of DDT, cleanup of toxic waste, protecting the ozone layer and increasing recycling.

Prior to the establishment of the EPA, pollution of our air and water was out of control. Not all regulation is bad. If left up to many large corporations, our air and water would be in worse shape than they are now.

The “global cooling” hypothesis you are referring to in the ’70s had very little support in the scientific community. Most papers printed at this time predicted future warming. The general public had little awareness of carbon dioxide’s effect on climate.

You target the EPA and the government for being corrupt, but do not mention how our state legislators are being bought off by utility company lobbyists to generate unnecessary rate increases and how alternative energy sources like solar and wind are being targeted by oil/gas/coal producers to pass laws to ban the use of solar panels or heavily tax people/businesses who install them.

The American public will never allow any organization to control our lives as you are suggesting. I do not believe in overregulation, but I am less trusting of big business, especially oil/gas/coal, to do the right thing and protect our environment.

I have seven grandchildren and I want them and their children to enjoy the beauty of our parks and waterways as I have. I believe if left unchecked, our environment will continue to be destroyed.

Call it climate change, global warming, whatever — the signs are there.

There are too many people pouring waste and emissions into our air and water. If the EPA and other organizations do not continue to bring these issues to our attention and continue to put regulations into place to attempt to control it, who will?

The Republicans are trying to eliminate the EPA. Don’t you wonder why? Maybe it’s because many of these politicians are owned by these big businesses who do not want any regulations at all. Do you really believe they have your best interest in mind?

I do not believe in most conspiracy theories, but I do believe that people like the Koch brothers and several others can never have enough money, and they will try to manipulate the media, politicians, educational institutions and local law enforcement to get what they want. They do not care about you or I, only power, wealth and control.

These are the ones promoting scare tactics and lies, not the EPA.