All aldermen should do homework on city proposals, resident says


Letter to the Editor 

To the editor:

I want to comment on Mr. Kurt Eichholz’s Dec. 6 letter on the Tidal Wave gas station and car wash.

I wish everyone would do their homework on proposals to the Board of Aldermen. Obviously, Ward 2 Alderman Casey Wong did. Case in point, Jimmy John’s restaurant. If that proposal had been looked into more carefully, and asked if everything was in place, we would not have the mess we have on that site.

You stated commercial development should not be at the expense of residents — this was at the expense of residents.

As for property taxes, for over seven years, the loss of taxes to Sunset Hills at Court Drive has been tremendous. Saying no one would build a house on Lindbergh is not true. Go on Lindbergh in Huntleigh Woods, right on Lindbergh, and you can see the construction trucks. They are building an over-$1 million home.

I do not want Sunset Hills to look like Manchester.

Pat Gioia
Sunset Hills