Writer is thankful to Murphy for passage of nursing home monitoring


To the editor:

I am writing you today to thank Rep. Jim Murphy, who represents the 94th District and is running for re-election in November.

To me this man is a patriot and committed to “we the people,” not only his constituents. The passage of his bill HB 1387 allows nursing-home monitoring so that families who can no longer visit their loved ones have some means to check on their care.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, families could at least visit their loved ones in longterm care facilities, but they currently have no oversight options at all. Recently, the news has reported many deaths of longterm care residents with no explanation, and families have been left in the dark about the level of care their loved ones received prior to their deaths.

If we had electronic monitoring in place, the families would be able to see whether or not their loved ones were receiving proper care.

For the past 10 years, I have been pushing for an electronic monitoring bill for the benefit of our long-term care residents. I have told the representatives how personal this bill is to me and my family because of the neglect my husband suffered while in a long-term care facility for rehabilitation only — neglect that led to his death.

Time was limited for this legislative calendar but I prayed for Rep. Murphy’s success, and he was able to get this bill passed.

He is a very powerful individual when it comes to standing up for the rights of seniors.

Martha Eudaley
St. Louis