Vatterott site set for use manufacturing carts


By Erin Achenbach, Staff Reporter

The Sunset Hills Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended that the Board of Aldermen approve a change in use of the property at the former Vatterott College campus.

The commission unanimously recommended an amended development plan from Specialty Carts Inc. to convert the property at 12955 Maurer Industrial Drive from use as a school to a manufacturing facility.

The building was constructed in 1978 and was occupied by Vatterott College until it abruptly closed in December 2018.

Specialty Carts Inc. already occupies a building on the adjacent property at 12949 Maurer Industrial Drive and wants to use the Vatterott building as part of its manufacturing business. The company designs and manufactures carts for the long-term care industry.

There are no physical changes proposed to the building or the property, but an amended development plan is required any time there is a change in use.

The property has several existing non-comformities that the petitioner has to seek variances for, including an appeal to vary the size of the three landscape islands from the required 170 square feet to 127 square feet, an appeal to vary the width for two drive aisles from the required 24 feet to 22 feet and 22 feet, 2 inches for the existing parking lot, and an appeal to waive the requirement for an underground irrigation system for landscape islands.

“Staff is recommending approval of this petition with some conditions,” said Assistant City Planner Lynn Sprick, who told the commission that the cross-access easement would have to be recorded with the St. Louis County recorder of deeds and that Fenton Fire Protection District would have to provide written approval of the two entrance drives.

Little discussion was held by the commission on the petition. Members Roger Kaiser, Terry Beiter, Michael Hopfinger, Rich Gau and Mike Svoboda all voted in favor of the petition.

Commissioners Todd Powers, Frank Pellegrini, Bryan VanCardo and Steve Young were absent.