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St. Louis County voters give their approval to tax-rate increases for the St. Louis County Library and the Special School District

St. Louis County voters approved two tax-rate increases in last week’s election, one for the St. Louis County Library and one for the Special School District.

The St. Louis County Library received approval of a 6-cent tax-rate increase.

Proposition L will fund construction, renovation and upgrades to facilities. The tax rate will increase from 16.3 cents per $100 of assessed valuation to 22.3 cents.

In addition, the library’s tax-rate ceiling will increase to 26 cents per $100 from the current 20 cents.

A simple majority was required for approval.

The Tesson Ferry Branch County Library will be rebuilt as part of a 10-year upgrade plan. County Library Director Charles Pace previously told the Call the Tesson Ferry Branch is “essentially at the end of its design life.” Original HVAC units and electrical systems still are used, and the building at 9920 Lin Ferry is “built partially on a sinkhole,” according to Pace.

Other improvements will include updating and rebuilding various branches of the library system. Updates will include games, learning activities and the possibility of a digital content creation lab.

Prop L received 244,580 “yes” votes and 177,262 “no” votes, according to unofficial election results.

The Special School District asked voters for a 19-cent tax-rate increase, which SSD Board of Education Vice President Dan Cuneo has called a necessity.

The tax-rate increase, Proposition S, will fund $85 million worth of construction and renovation in the district, assist in maintaining competitive salaries, maintain services for students with autism and sustain programs for post-school employment.

SSD’s tax rate will increase to $1.19 per $100 of assessed valuation from the current rate of $1 per $100.

A simple majority was required for approval.

Prop S received 282,277 “yes” votes and 212,980 “no” votes, according to unofficial results.

South county voters also decided the following Missouri House races last week:

Republican Al Faulstich unsuccessfully challenged Democratic Rep. Genise Montecillo for the Missouri House seat in the newly redrawn 92nd District.

Montecillo was elected to the Missouri House District 66 seat in 2010.

Faulstich received 7,489 votes and Monte-cillo garnered 9,670 votes.

Democrat Bob Burns defeated Republican Tony Leech for the Missouri House District 93 seat.

Burns served as an alderman from 1982 to 1984 for the city of St. George, which since has disincorporated, and on the Affton Board of Education from 1984 to 1996.

Burns garnered 8,783 votes and Leech received 4,792 votes.

A Democrat who serves on the Lindbergh Schools Board of Education successfully challenged Republican Rep. Cloria Brown for the Missouri House seat in the newly redrawn 94th District.

Lindbergh school board member Vicki Lorenz Englund was elected to the District 85 Missouri House seat in 2008 by defeating Brown.

Two years ago, Brown defeated Englund for the District 85 seat.

Brown tallied 8,216 votes and Englund received 8,522 votes in the race for the District 94 seat.

An Oakville Democrat unsuccessfully challenged Republican Rep. Marsha Haefner in the Nov. 6 election for the Missouri House seat in the newly redrawn 95th District.

Joe Zelle sought to unseat Haefner, who was elected to the District 100 Missouri House seat two years ago.

Haefner tallied 11,894 votes and Zelle garnered 8,001 votes.

Statewide, voters returned Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill of Kirkwood to the U.S. Senate.

McCaskill prevailed over U.S. Rep. Todd Akin, R-Pacific, and Libertarian Jonathan Dine of Riverside.

McCaskill received 1,484,684 votes, Akin garnered 1,063,695 votes and Dine tallied 164,990 votes.

Voters in the 2nd Congressional District elected Republican Ann Wagner of Ballwin to fill the seat being vacated by Akin.

Wagner prevailed over Democrat Glenn Koenen of Oakville, Libertarian candidate Bill Slantz of St. Louis and Constitution Party candidate Anatol Zorikova of Montreal.

Wagner received 235,607 votes, Koenen garnered 145,257, Slantz tallied 9,141 and Zorikova received 2,003 votes.

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