Spending in Senate race most of any local election

Lembke hands out $23,000 in ‘win bonus’ contributions to campaign workers


While Republican Rep. Jim Lembke of Lemay and former Democratic Rep. Joan Barry of Oakville wait for the results of Barry’s requested recount in the 1st District state Senate race, both candidates last week reported spending more than any other race in south county in the Nov. 4 election.

Lembke for Senate spent $388,583.09 and raised $287,944.59 while the Committee to Elect Joan Barry spent $509,267.06 and raised $306,394.93.

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan last week certified state election results, which show that Lembke won election to the 1st Senate District seat by a 76-vote margin of 88,362 ballots cast.

Lembke, who declared victory the day after the Nov. 4 election, rewarded his campaign workers Nov. 11 with $23,000 of “win bonus” contributions.

He paid $15,000 to campaign treasurer Earlene Judd, $2,000 to former Mehlville Board of Education candidate Chris Brown, $2,000 to Lisa Foster, $2,000 to Kyle Fleming, $1,000 to Josh Foster and $1,000 to his daughter, Anna Lembke.

Notable contributions to Lembke included: $60,675 from TAMKO Building Products Inc. CEO David Humphreys of Joplin; $20,000 from Ethelmae Humphreys of Joplin; $10,000 from Missourians Needing Education Alternatives; $6,250 from the 1st Senatorial District Committee; $5,000 from the 3rd Senatorial District Republican Committee; $3,575 from the 85th Legislative District Republican Committee; $3,000 from the St. Louis County Republican Central Committee; $1,350 from the campaign committee of ex-Rep. Jim Avery, R-Crestwood; $1,175 from the Tesson Ferry Republicans; $325 from the 100th District Republicans; $200 from attorney Lester Stuckmeyer; $200 from former Mehlville Board of Education member Kurt Witzel; $100 from Brown; and $15 from former Mehlville Board of Education candidate Linda Mooy.

Notable contributions to Barry included: $25,000 from the Democratic Senatorial Committee; $20,000 from the 4th District Senate Committee; $10,000 from Missouri Gov.-elect Jay Nixon’s campaign committee; $7,277.15 from the Committee to Stop Lembke, a group created by St. Louis attorney Paul Passanante in objection to Lembke’s efforts to alter the Non-Partisan Court Plan; $5,000 from St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay’s campaign committee; $3,650 from Oakville Democratic Rep. Sue Schoemehl’s campaign committee; $3,200 from the St. Louis Democratic Central Committee; $1,325 from the Oakville Democrats; $1,325 from Mehlville Local 1889 of the International Association of Fire Fighters attorney John Goffstein’s law firm; $1,000 from Unique Entertainment Consultants, which is owned by Mehlville Board of Education Vice President Micheal Ocello; $675 from Mehlville Local 1889; $650 from County Executive Charlie Dooley’s campaign committee; $650 from former Mehlville Fire Protection District Board of Directors Chairman Thomas O’Driscoll; $600 from the Tesson Ferry Democrats; and $600 from former Mehlville Fire Protection District Chief Ray Haddock.

Also: $500 from Special School District Superintendent John Cary; $500 from the campaign committee for Rep. Pat Yaeger, D-Lemay; $500 from Progressive Democrats of Lemay; $250 from former Mehlville Board of Education member Rita Diekemper; $250 from the law firm of former 6th District Democratic County Councilman Jeff Wagener; $225 from the campaign committee for Mehlville Board of Education member Karl Frank Jr.; $180 from the Concord Democratic Club; $150 from Mehlville School District architectural firm Dickinson Hussman Architects; $100 from 6th District Democratic County Councilman-elect Steve Stenger; $100 from Mehlville School District Superintendent Terry Noble; $100 from Mehlville School District COMPASS Facilitating Team co-chair Jim Schibig; $50 from Mehlville National Education Association President Kay Cappos; $50 from Mehlville Board of Education President Tom Diehl; $50 from 5th District County Councilwoman Barbara Fraser, D-University City; $50 from Mehlville School District Deputy Superintendent Eric Knost; and $25 from Mehlville School District Assistant Superintendent Vicki VanLaere.

Stenger last week reported spending $214,443.37 and raising $241,320.28 to campaign for his successful election to the County Council. He defeated two-term incumbent 6th District Republican County Councilman John Campisi in the Nov. 4 election.

Campisi last week reported spending $24,962.22 and raising $23,968.93.

More than 61 percent of Stenger’s campaign expenses went to campaign consultant Phase 3 Inc., which received a total of $132,248.38.

Notable contributions to Stenger included: $150,000 from himself; $3,500 from the St. Louis Democratic Central Committee; $1,975 from three Fred Weber Inc. subsidiaries; $1,350 from the Oakville Democratic Organization; $900 from O’Driscoll; $675 from County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch; $500 from Haddock; $500 from the Tesson Ferry Democratic Organization; $450.35 from Dooley’s campaign committee; $350 from Barry; $350 from Goffstein’s law firm; $350 from Wagener’s law firm; $250 from Mehlville Local 1889; $200 from the Progressive Democrats of Lemay; $200 from the 87th Democratic Legislative District Committee; $200 from Fraser’s campaign committee; $200 from Yaeger’s campaign committee; $100 from restaurateur and Crestwood Economic Development Commission Chairman Forrest Miller; $100 from Schoemehl’s campaign committee; and $20 from Missouri 85th District Democratic Rep.-elect Vicki Lorenz-Englund.

Notable contributions to Campisi included: $4,495.65 from the Republican Council Majority Fund; $975 from the Tesson Ferry Township Republican Club; $200 from Campisi’s County Council assistant Lou Chiodini; $200 from Stuckmeyer; and $100 from the 100th District Republicans.

Rounding out other local political races’ 30-day-after campaign reports, the election to the Missouri 85th District seat saw Englund raise a total of $40,930 and spend $53,354.39. Englund defeated Republican Cloria Brown, who raised $14,895 and spent $29,982.83. Brown also has $1,250 in indebtedness.

In his successful re-election campaign, Rep. Walt Bivins, R-Oakville, raised a total of $17,025, spent $14,690.31 and contributed $11,240. Democratic challenger Jan Schoemehl’s successful re-election campaign to 100th District seat saw her raise $30,505, spend $15,723.31 and contribute $2,400.

Republican challenger Nick Haul raised $50 and spent $73.27.

Republican 95th District Rep.-elect Mike Leara raised $13,843.08, spent $19,419.53 and contributed $130.

Democratic challenger Alice Geary-Sgroi raised $1,700 and spent $3,517.27. She also had $2,000 of indebtedness.

In her successful re-election campaign, Rep. Pat Yaeger D-Lemay, raised $24,660, spent $17,203.42 and contributed $7,168.

Yaeger’s Republican challenger, Ron Levy, did not report any financial activity to the Missouri Ethics Commission.