Sorry for error, but not sorry for his activism

To the editor:

After reading the letters to the editor last week, I must apologize to Mr. Brophy for distressing him so with my letter.

While there are many things going on in Crestwood that should be distressing Mayor Robertson’s cheerleader, my letters to the editor do.

But tough. If you don’t like them, don’t read them.

Mr. Brophy’s main concern was a mistake I made concerning the fact that Mayor Robertson was a member of the aldermanic Ways and Means Committee. That statement was incorrect and for that I apologize.

But I do not apologize for my concern for Crestwood. I’m concerned that while budget problems of previous fiscal years have been revealed, spending patterns continue. Pay raises were given and taxes were passed to fund a new police station and park renovations. These taxes were passed under the guise that the city was in good financial condition.

I’m also concerned about the latest fad in Crestwood. You must live in Crestwood and you must run for office in order to be able to express your opinion or else you will be castigated. When did Crestwood absolve itself from the democratic process?

I’m also concerned that Mayor Robertson has furnished his office with new furniture and the city administrator/chief of police was given an automobile expense of $830 per month. Residents can see his new BMW on City Hall’s parking lot.

I’m not perfect, I’ve never claimed to be, and if I make a mistake, I admit it and move forward. But I don’t apologize for my activism in Crestwood.

It is no secret that I wanted a state audit to analyze the city’s financial affairs.

Fortunately, over 1,000 voting citizens of Crestwood agreed with me.

If anyone has played a leading role in spending Crestwood’s money, it is this current administration.

Why Mr. Brophy isn’t “distressed” by this and allies himself so closely to the powers that be is anyone’s guess.

Roger C. Anderson