Roby sworn in as Crestwood mayor

Tsichlis selected to succeed Trueblood as board president

Gregg Roby

Gregg Roby

By Kari Williams

The mayoral office in Crestwood officially changed hands last week when Gregg Roby, who defeated Jeff Schlink in the April 8 election, took the oath of office.

Roby told members of the Board of Aldermen April 22 that he looks forward to working with them throughout his three-year term as mayor.

“We all realize that we’re not all going to agree on every single issue, but we hope as individuals we can come together and work for the betterment of Crestwood,” Roby said.

Roby defeated Schlink by more than 200 votes, receiving 1,719 votes, or 53.65 percent. Schlink earned 1,473 votes, or 45.97 percent.

Before exiting the dais at last week’s meeting, Schlink congratulated Roby on the victory and said Roby “ran a great campaign.”

“Gregg and I got to have a few conversations during the campaign. I enjoyed all of them … I can say that Gregg’s a strong family man and I respect that with him,” Schlink said. “He’s fortunate to have the family that he does.”

The former mayor also thanked residents and board members for “their support and participation over the past three years.” Schlink said the city has “a lot of opportunity in front of it,” with the mall being a “main issue for all of us.”

“I think that the board that I have served with — the boards that I have served with — and most recently the board that we have now I think is a great unit,” Schlink said. “I think that people are accurately representing the constituents that had voted them in, and I think that you’ll work well with Mayor Roby, and I think Mayor Roby will try to work well with you.”

The Board of Aldermen also voted on a new aldermanic president. Ward 4 Alderman Mike Tsichlis earned the position with a 5-3 vote to succeed past president, Ward 2 Alderman Tim Trueblood.

Trueblood, who nominated Tsichlis, Ward 3 Alderman Paul Duchild and Bill Boston and Ward 4 Aldermen Michael Vincent and Tsichlis voted for Tsichlis.

Trueblood said in the past year the board has seen Tsichlis’ leadership emerge.

“He’s totally capable and dedicated to the structure of the board and its position per the Charter,” Trueblood said.

Ward 1 Alderman Darryl Wallach also nominated Ward 2 Alderman Mary Stadter.

“She’s very well spoken. She’s willing to engage in listening to both sides thoughtfully, and I think that’s a good quality,” he said. “She listens, and I think that’s a good quality for leadership. She’s a go-getter.”

Tsichlis said he appreciated the “confidence the majority of the board has” in him.

“My hat’s off to Mary as well, because Mary would have been just as competent as well,” Tsichlis said. “I mean, as Alderman Wallach has said, (she is) very open to everybody. I want to be the same way.

“So I hope that any concerns this board has, any particular members of the board regarding how this board operates, feel free to let me know.”