Response true, but ‘irrelevant’

To the editor:

In response to Ms. Dona Lenz’s lengthy response appearing in the Call issue of Aug. 7 regarding my previous letter to the editor, I must admit that most, if not all, of which she wrote is true, but at the same time, all of it is immaterial and irrelevant.

The objections to a party or persons who not only support but encourage abortion on demand and the creation of a totally secular Godless government and society is a matter of conscience — not politics. After all, there are also many socially leftist Republicans that the vast majority of Christians of all faiths who value life cannot, in good conscience, vote for or support.

It saddens me that Ms. Lenz thought I was judging her or any individual person. I have too many sins of my own to judge any person. At the same time, I think it is a complete stretch to imply that I was comparing our great current American Republic with Germany and the Soviet of the 1920s and 1930s.

Clearly, my statement was that belief in God is the first thing that must go in any dictatorship. I could have cited the current dictatorships of Communist China, North Korea, Cuba, etc. and therefore eliminating God from our Government and our culture is a very dangerous endeavor as history teaches us.

Certainly Ms. Lenz is to be praised for all the good she does, such as her dedicated work for children and her beliefs that no one should advocate pornography and that a good American backs the president of the country even through their politics may be different.

James Schurk Sr.