Reader finds recent letter ‘appalling,’ ‘pitiful’

To the editor:

I found the article written by Mr. James Schurk Sr. titled “Plea for Democrats to unite seems fruitless” appalling and down-right pitiful.

At this time I would like to address Mr. Schurk and his article that appeared in the July 31 Call and his obviously small, closed mind.

Mr. Schurk, were you just hatched from an egg?

Who appointed you to sit in judgment of others?

I am a 58-year-old Protestant, heterosexual, mother and retired educator who is against abortion in most cases.

I have been blessed with many friends. I have wonderful friends belonging to many different religions and yes, a great deal of my friends are good Catholics, Democrats and very much against abortion.

They are also against the gay bashing that the church seems to be pushing, as well as the molestation of their innocent children by those who have been placed in such high positions of trust in their church.

At least most persons who are not of heterosexual nature are consenting adults.

The children of the church were given no right. They were just violated by those they were taught to trust.

The thing that is so unconscionable is that the church knew it was going on and chose to cover it up.

That was the dirtiest form of politics, how vile. Did this just skip your mind, Mr. Schurk, or were you having a senior mo-ment?

This Protestant, although against abortion in most cases, has never been impregnated through rape, been told my unborn child would be destined to a life of suffering due to birth defects nor have I been told that giving birth to the child in my womb might cause my death and, knowing that if I die, my other children would be left motherless.

I can certainly see that circumstances such as mentioned above might make one rethink about termination of a pregnancy.

How could I in all good faith and conscience sit in judgment of women and families who have had to make such horrific life-and-death decisions? I thank God that he never put me in that position. Judge not less ye be judged.

As for pornography, no decent human being, no matter what their politics, religion or race would advocate pornography for children or anyone else.

Yes, Mr. Schurk, I am an advocate of children. I don’t just “talk the talk” but have “walked the walk” for over 32 years of my life. I’ve been in the trenches.

Regarding your remarks on the dishonesty — perjury — of government officials: yes, there are those who are dishonest in both political parties. Perhaps you had another senior moment and forgot how our current president got into office.

Have you forgotten about all the Dem-ocratic votes that were not counted in Florida?

There was quite a bit of vote manipulation. Is it coming back to your memory now?

Remember, even with all the vote manipulation that went on, Mr. Gore still had the majority of votes by the people. However, I believe a good American backs the president of the country even though their politics may be different. Don’t you?

You implied that government here compares to dictatorships synonymous with Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia.

Shame on you. I feel personally insulted, as I’m sure others did when they read your article.

Our country may not be perfect, but it’s way ahead of any country in second place and I’m proud to be an American and to live in a country that allows more than one political party.

Mr. Schurk, it’s a good thing you are not in Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia, for if you were, you would have been hauled off to jail or worse, and they would have thrown away the key. How wonderful to have the freedom of speech which you exercised in the articles you wrote. Perhaps you’re too fast to condemn instead of looking for the good in both people and our government.

Dona Lenz