Oakville reader wonders who’s behind effort to recall Ernie Trakas


Letter to the editor

To the editor:
Christmas is coming, spreading “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men.”
But I sense this sentiment is bypassing us this year.
Never have I seen such rancor in our nation’s Capitol as special interests are panicking to maintain their power base against President Donald Trump’s efforts to “drain the swamp.”
This same contest is being played throughout the rest of the country, even into the far reaches of our own communities.
From trying to give public land away to the St. Louis Blues organization for a practice field to a National Church Residences housing project being built in an inappropriate location right here in Oakville to a relocation of a business with unresolved environmental issues — all of these events share one thing in common.
They were all negotiated by autocratic leaders out of the view and approval of the public will.
When Ernie Trakas was elected to the County Council, all of this started to change. So who is now trying to remove him from office after having served just 11 months of his term?
Ask yourself, is it special interests or the common citizens who have initiated and funded this recall effort?
Today, the current media buzz is all about the abuse of power and sexual harassment. So in that vein and keeping in mind the current efforts to merge the city with the county, why would you want to recall Ernie when he’s one of the few people trying to prevent powerful individuals in St. Louis and St. Louis County from having their way with you and me?
Let’s pull together to ensure a happy new year for all of us.
Milton Rudi