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Nolan proves once again he values citizens’ input

\Call the Tune by Mike Anthony
\”Call the Tune by Mike Anthony

Hats off once again to Sunset Hills Mayor Bill Nolan.

We applaud Nolan for establishing a Revenue Review Committee to study the city’s revenue stream, including reviewing a number of commercial fees and taxes that have remained unchanged since 1994.

As Nolan acknowledged himself, it’s pretty hard to believe those commercial fees and taxes have not been reviewed in nearly 18 years.

But not many residents have the background that Nolan brings to the mayoral post.

Back in 1993, he served as vice chairman of a committee appointed by then-Mayor Ken Vogel called the Revenue Study Committee.

Nolan recalled that committee proposed eight propositions — ranging from increases in the city’s business license tax to authorizing a half-cent capital-improvement sales tax to fund a more than $5.7 million bond issue — be placed on the ballot.

The Board of Aldermen agreed, and amazingly all eight measures were overwhelmingly approved by voters.

During his tenure as mayor, Nolan has proved to be consensus builder.

Just consider the makeup of the newly named Revenue Review Committee — five former mayors, a former alderman who currently serves on the city’s Finance Committee and five residents.

But this isn’t the first time Nolan has appointed such a committee.

Back in June he appointed the Residential Recovery Task Force after the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission voted June 1 to reject an amendment to change the city’s comprehensive master plan to provide for commercial and attached-unit residential uses of Court Drive and West Watson Road west of South Lindbergh Boulevard.

As Nolan told the Call at the time, the goal was to assist those who lost their homes to the devastating New Year’s Eve tornado that swept through the city. He had “visualized a commercial area properly bermed and fenced and tree-lined behind them and an entrance to Court coming off of West Watson.”

That wasn’t to be — at least in June.

However, Nolan rolled with the punches and appointed the task force because he values the input of residents. As we’ve noted before, that’s not surprising because Nolan is an elected official who actually listens to the constituents of his community.

We look forward to hearing the recommendations of the Revenue Review Committee.

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