MFPD board OKs sale of old No. 4 Firehouse

Old No. 4 Firehouse second to be sold by district this year

By Staff Report

The Mehlville Fire Protection District Board of Directors recently voted to sell its former No. 4 Firehouse to TRB MAB Investments LLC for $240,017.42.

The former No. 4 Firehouse at 13106 Tesson Ferry Road is directly across the street from the district’s No. 4 firehouse at 13117 Tesson Ferry Road.

The energy-efficient new No. 4 fire station features roughly 8,500 square feet of space with three engine bays.

The former No. 4 Firehouse was built in 1964, and district officials have said the size of today’s fire apparatus and other factors made the structure obsolete.

The former No. 4 Firehouse is the second to be sold by the district this year.

The Board of Directors voted in an August closed session to sell the district’s former No. 3 Firehouse to Gateway House of Prayer for $200,000.

Gateway House of Prayer, 4646 S. Lindbergh Blvd., Sunset Hills, is across the street from the former No. 3 Firehouse, 11625 Sappington Barracks Road. The old No. 3 firehouse was built in 1957.

The district’s new No. 3 Firehouse at 4811 S. Lindbergh Blvd. was completed earlier this year.

Both new firehouses were built without a tax-rate increase or bond issue.