Media lead ‘daily and despicable moral rot,’ but should be bipartisan


To the editor:

I feel a profound duty to have a discourse concerning Mr. Scott Rodgers’ statement in his Nov. 29 letter of “moral rot” in our present government.

Is it all right for 95 percent of the media to chastise, belittle, use Nazi rhetoric in describing our President Donald J. Trump? Also the entire Democratic constituency were against, and voted so, regarding the nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court of Honorable Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

What do you call these attacks, Mr. Rodgers? I call them daily despicable and deplorable rot.

Please get a grip on what you are verbalizing. Can you open your mind to both sides of the aisle and their values and aspirations? Believe there is good will in human hearts that means both parties governing.

Look around the world. You and I are so blessed to be born in this great country. I was taught in the Affton schools to value our nation and people who are now governing.

What we say and do matters. Don’t let your words come back to haunt you.

Barbara Rose