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Local pupils’ artwork to be shown overseas

YMCA staff, school officials are ‘extremely proud’ of pupils

Drawings by a dozen Oakville Elementary School pupils have been included in an international art show.

The exhibit, “We Love Peace,” is an annual traveling exhibit of art created by YMCA elementary, middle and high school youngsters from Tianjin, China; Kobe, Japan; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Busan, Korea; and St. Louis.

The young artists are asked to reflect on peace from a personal to a global level and to convey their ideas through mixed media.

This exhibit, which features art designed by youngsters age 5 to 15, was on display last month at the Edward Jones YMCA on Marine Avenue and is en route to displays in China, Japan, Thailand and Korea.

Oakville Elementary pupils whose artwork was selected are Tyler Allison, Kaylin Bradford, Ellie Corner, Aaron Bell, Ryan Gallagher, Elizabeth Hong, Haley Johns, Matthew Henslee, Emily Kramer, Adrianna Quesenberry, Emily Sander and Sarah Stich.

The Oakville pupils participate in the South County Family YMCA’s School-Age Child-Care Program and their artwork was selected with the collaboration of Oakville Elementary School Principal Amanda Lewis, art teacher Sandra Mims and the School-Age staff led by Connie Spitz.

Sue Belleville, director of Child-Care Services for the South County Family YMCA, termed the Oakville pupils’ participation in the international art show “a rare opportunity” and noted that YMCA staff and Mehlville School District officials are “extremely proud” of them.

The Oakville pupils volunteer after school to help care for classmates in the YMCA’s after-school latchkey program.

When asked why they volunteer to watch younger children after school, the youngsters gave very mature answers.

“Because then, their parents will know that they’re OK,” Matthew said.

Tyler said, “So they won’t get hurt.”

Most of the Oakville participants were able to attend the show’s closing reception in St. Louis and see their art displayed with that of children from around the world.

“Peace means everything to me,” Ellie said.

Elizabeth said, “I worked two to three hours a day for three days to draw mine.”

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