Lindbergh Varsity Flyerettes compete in Florida

The Lindbergh High School Varsity Flyerettes recently performed pom and kick routines at the 2009 National Dance Team Championships at Orlando, Fla.

The Flyerettes placed eighth in kick and 12th in pom. The Varsity Flyerettes include freshman Sara Krutewicz; sophomores Alyssa Harrell and Anna Tripolitis; juniors Kelly Farrell, Taylor Henke, Brooke Kelly, Megan Laudenslager, Rachel Meuser, Kaitlyn Waters and Melissa Young; and seniors Jill Baker, Alex King, Emily Meininger, Chelsea Meyer, Mandy Palmberger and Jacque Parker.

The Varsity Flyerettes are coached by Miranda Gelven and Gloria McBride.

The Lindbergh High School Junior Varsity Flyerettes received first place in the JV pom and JV kick categories at the recent St. Charles Classic Pompon Competition.

Members of the JV Flyerettes are freshmen Jessica Bone, Samantha Fisher, Emily Haskins, Lizzy Houska, Samantha Jones, Katie Lucarz, Alina Moriarty, Erin Vilimek and Jane Witt; sophomores Kara Hohman, Melanie Hoorman and Laura Thorp; and juniors Beth Goldkamp and Courtney Maltagliati.

The JV Flyerettes are coached by Natalie Shoults.