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Lindbergh musicians hit a high note

Lindbergh School District vocal and instrumental music students once again have taken top honors in band, orchestra and voice at the local and state levels.

Students who auditioned and were ac-cepted into the All-State Band include junior Jeff Panhorst, first chair bassoon; and honorable mention freshman Eric Pashia, bass trombone, and junior Amanda Mor-rell, trumpet in the All-State Jazz Band.

Selected for the All-State Orchestra were: senior Todd Heitmann, second chair trombone; senior Anna Perretta, violin; senior Nikki Evans, cello; and junior Anna Nickless, violin.

Musicians in both middle and high school took top seats in All-Suburban Band and Orchestra.

The following Lindbergh High School Orchestra students auditioned and were accepted into the St. Louis Suburban High School Honors Orchestra: violin — Anna Nickless, junior; Sherry Mae Canono, junior; Tara Kizer, freshman; Caroline Mert-ens, sophomore; Maggie Nestor, freshman; Katlyn Moncada, sophomore; Alyssa Avery, sophomore; Mara Wallace, freshman; Anna Keller, freshman; Kate Haberman, senior; and Megan Smith, freshmen, alternate.

Also: viola — Anne Bewig, sophomore; and cello — Nicole Evans, senior, and Austin Hope, sophomore.

This is the largest number of students that the Lindbergh High School Orchestra program has ever had in the Suburban Or-chestra, according to a district news re-lease. Orchestra teachers are Sue Rola and Angela Dunsford.

These Lindbergh High School Band students auditioned and were selected to participate in the High School All-Suburban Concert Band: clarinet — Rudy Torrini (fourth chair); John Meuser (seventh chair); bassoon — Jeff Panhorst (third chair); trumpet — Amanda Morrell (third chair) and Justin Firth (eighth chair); trombone — Sarah DiLallo (second chair); Todd Heitmann (third chair); Eric Pashia (ninth chair), Andrew Brimer (10th chair); tuba — Joe Presson (sixth chair); percussion — Jon DiLallo (third chair), Tim Ken-drick (second alternate) and Justin Smith (second alternate); flute — Carrie Maloy (second alternate); oboe — Jeff Suda (second alternate); and euphonium — Tim Clayton (second alternate).

Selected for the High School All-Subur-ban Jazz Band were: trumpet —Amanda Morrell (fourth chair) and Justin Firth (first alternate); trombone — Todd Heit-mann (third chair) and Sarah DiLallo (first alternate); bass trombone — Eric Pashia (second chair); tenor sax — Adam Wille (first alternate); and drums — Nick Zehrt (first alternate).

Eighteen students who made the All-Su-burban Concert/Jazz Band earned a total of 23 combined chairs in the All-Suburban Band program. This is the most band students to make this organization from the high school band program.

Lindbergh also had the largest number of students who made the All-Suburban Concert/Jazz Band of the 25 high schools that participated.

Staff members who prepared these students for their auditions were Bob Spiegel-man, Jeff DiLallo and Dan Arana.

Sperreng Middle School pupils who were selected as members of the Middle School All-Suburban Orchestra include: Rachel Meuser — first violin, 14th chair; Marcy Barbeau — first violin, 21st chair; Emma Patterson — second violin, 14th chair; and Michael Vangel — fifth chair bass.

Staff members who prepared the pupils for their auditions were L. Michelle Howard, Rola and Dunsford.

A record number of Sperreng Middle pu-pils also were selected for the All-Subur-ban Band. Concert Band members are: oboe — Kathryn Haggerty (third chair); bassoon — Thomas Crown (second chair); clarinet — Madison DeHart (12th chair); bass clarinet — Travis Herd (first chair), Kelsi Feltz (second chair) and Michael Nydegger (third chair); baritone saxophone — Nicholas Hanpeter (second chair); trumpet — Alex Schwent (second chair), and Corey Dussold (11th chair); horn — Bobby Urberger (third chair); trombone — Craig Lundstrom (first chair) and Jill Hentschel (sixth chair); tuba — Michael Schroeder (fourth chair); and percussion — Chris Zolman (first chair).

Selected for the All-Suburban Middle School Jazz Band were: alto saxophone — Kate Scott (first chair); tenor saxophone —Adam Spirk (first chair) and Claire Fratta (second chair); trombone — Kyle Suda (first chair), Andrew Morrell (second chair) and Ben Wagnon (fourth chair); trumpet — Scott Casey (first chair) and Andrew Lane (second chair); drum set — Peter Repp (first chair); bass — Mike Vangel (first chair); and vibraphone — Derek Clayton (first chair).

The 25 middle school band pupils earned a total of 32 positions with nine first chairs earned.

The next highest middle school had 10 pupils make the band. A total of 26 middle schools earned at least one chair in either ensemble and the Sperreng band program earned 30 percent of all chairs available from both bands. More than half of the honors jazz band is comprised of Sperreng pupils.

Sperreng band instructors are Brian Wyss, Arana, Jeremy McMahon and Jeff DiLallo.

Sperreng Middle School pupils selected for the Middle School All-Suburban choir are: soprano — Ariane Rinehart (seventh grade), Maria DiPaola (eighth grade), and Rachel Bradshaw (seventh grade, alternate); alto — Maggie Hake (seventh grade), Kaitlin Consolino (eighth grade), Katie Noble (eighth grade, alternate); tenor — Neil Shastri (eighth grade), Sam-my Kilbert (seventh grade), Jon Cooke (seventh grade, alternate); bass —Justin Rees (eighth grade), Floyd Irving (eighth grade), Previn Moore (eighth grade, alternate).

The pupils are taught by Jason Martin and Elizabeth Hogan.

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