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Lindbergh Academy students give back to community

Lindbergh High School Academy students recently spent a morning giving back to senior citizens by raking and bagging leaves in more than 20 yards across the school district.

This was the first of two days of service this fall, and students’ goal was to serve individuals in the community who can no longer do yard work on their own, according to a news release.

The academy has 58 students, and each played a role in the project’s success.

Groups of 10 students each divided out to perform yard work on what turned out to be a beautiful, sunny fall day.

Students who could not participate in the leaf raking painted and decorated 15 pumpkins donated by Concord Trinity United Methodist Church. These pumpkins were given as gifts to the senior citizens who signed up for yard cleanup.

“I think this is a good thing because we are helping the community, and people who can’t do this by themselves,” senior Amanda Cameron stated in the release.

“I feel good doing this for someone else,” junior Bethany Baxley added.

Current Academy students were even joined by an academy alumnus, Austin Hanson, who took time off of work to help his peers and his community.

Academy teacher Daniel Murphy said the senior citizens are not the only ones who benefit from these acts of kindness.

“A big part of what we are doing here is giving back to the community and letting them know who we are,” Murphy stated in the release. “The students benefit as well. They are practicing critical thinking skills, problem solving and social construction skills.

“I know this project will impact their lives not just today, but for a long time to come.”

The Lindbergh Academy is the on-campus alternative high school.

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