Letter writer urges residents to demand a vote on trash-district plan

Regarding the new trash-district plan, what difference does it make if it’s communism, socialism or a dictatorship?

The real threat is loss of our democracy. Granted it’s only a chink in the armor, but that’s how it starts.

Whether it’s a good plan or a bad plan, at what cost is it to the citizens of Oakville? A vote by the people is the safeguard that we need.

How long are we going to be complacent as we’re robbed of our freedom? We are already burdened by property taxes that we have little control over. Our homes are not safe because of eminent domain. And now we no longer even have power over our own trash.

Oakville/south county, protect yourself.

Stand up to the big government in Clayton that really doesn’t care about us.

Demand a vote.

Sandra Hernandez