It’s time for county government to do its job

To the editor:

If I dumped a pile of toxic waste in my front yard, I think I could expect a visit from the county police in rather short order.

There are ordinances against that kind of dumping in my neighborhood. It would be stupid of me to think that instead of paying a fine and cleaning up the mess, that I could simply ask my friends in the county government to change the law. But then again, I’m not Tom Dunne and don’t have friends at the county like Skip Mange.

Surely we are all equal in the eyes of the law. How successful do you think I would be if I were ticketed for speeding — breaking a law — and I refused to pay the fine, for that matter refused to stop speeding and told the authorities instead that they should raise the limit to make my speeding legal? I would be sending this note from the local jail, my license revoked and my car impounded.

I think it’s time for our county government to do its job, shut down the illegal operations in the Oakville quarry and make Tom Dunne clean up the mess he created. A word of warning to the residents of the rest of St. Louis County — Tom Dunne is in the waste business and he’s expanding. Before you know it, he could be opening an illegal waste site in your neighborhood.

Robert Eufinger