High school principal looks to expand safe-driving campaign beyond his campus

A high school principal in the Mehlville School District hopes to take a safe-driving campaign beyond his campus to other area high schools and perhaps nationwide, a district news release stated.

Oakville Senior High School Principal Eric Knost re-cently distributed to students free black wrist bracelets that state: “Enough IS Enough,” referring to a pledge Knost had his students take last spring following a series of fatal automobile accidents involving Oakville students.

In exchange for a free “Enough IS Enough” black wrist bracelet, students signed a pledge card and agreed to keep it in their purse or wallet as a reminder of their promise to make safe choices involving automobiles. Students promised to wear the bracelet whenever driving.

Knost bought the “Enough IS Enough” bracelets with funds donated by the Mehlville/Oakville Alumni Associ-ation. Alumni President Bill Nottelmann wanted to make the bracelets free for any Oakville student willing to sign a pledge card. But Knost has plans to take the “Enough IS Enough” campaign beyond the Oakville campus.

“I’m working with other area high school principals to bring the ‘Enough IS Enough’ program to their students,” he said. “In fact, if my plans work out, ‘Enough IS Enough’ will become a nationwide campaign with the bracelets distributed at retail outlets throughout the country.”

Among the promises made by students with the “Enough IS Enough” pledge are: “To obey the speed limits, use seat belts, obey traffic signs and stoplights, never have too many passengers in one car and avoid alcohol and drugs.”

Students also promise to wear the bracelet as a constant reminder of the pledge.

Knost will continue distributing bracelets at Oakville until every student wanting to make a pledge receives one.