Haggerty challenges Littlefield in Sunset Hills

Newcomer opposes longtime alderman

Scott Haggerty

Scott Haggerty


Political newcomer Scott Haggerty is challenging incumbent Sunset Hills Ward 2 Alderman John Littlefield in the April 7 election.

Asked to identify the most important issue in the race, Haggerty said, “Ongoing proposals to develop land on Eddie & Park Road, next to Truman School, using the current Heimos property and Sunset Hills ball fields. Residents have voiced their opinions against commercial developments and are concerned about losing access to the ball fields and the increase of traffic on the two-lane Eddie & Park Road.”

Littlefield did not respond to a Call questionnaire.

Haggerty, 51, 9222 Saddlebrook Drive, 63126, works in residential real-estate sales as broker/owner of HaggertyTeam.com.

He is seeking office “to have a vote for the residents of Ward 2 on the Board of Aldermen to ensure they have a voice for their directives on developments that affect our neighborhoods to maintain a positive image and direction for the city.”

Haggerty gave the following responses to a Call questionnaire:

Haggerty said, “Tax-increment financing is a great tool when federal funds are not available in truly blighted areas where a municipality needs to promote development. The city of Sunset Hills has used TIF for previous projects and they have worked well and have been paid off early.

“However, I do not currently see any blighted areas that need TIF help because a developer is unable to make a project work without the TIF. I believe if a developer invests their own money into a project, they will be certain that it is a viable, healthy and successful venture for their own investment and for our city.”

Haggerty said, “I like what I see so far under the leadership of Mayor Svoboda. I would enjoy working with him and being a part of the policies and decisions that will be made in the future under his tenure.”

Haggerty said, “Wow, now here is a sore subject for many of us in Sunset Hills. My short answer is I am against eminent domain. I feel it is a travesty and an embarrassment as a citizen of Sunset Hills to fall into the trap of eminent domain for a developer, with the help of elected officials, to secure property for their development.

“Eminent domain originally served a great purpose, but has evolved into an ugly tool and has been abused by entities for the wrong purpose. Eminent domain could work well in a blighted or abandoned area to revitalize and encourage growth, but I currently cannot justify any area within our city that falls under those parameters.”

Haggerty said, “To my knowledge, I believe the Board of Aldermen in Sunset Hills has complied fully with the Sunshine Law. If elected, I will support the compliance of the Sunshine Law as outlined in Chapter 610 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri. I feel strongly that, even if we did not have the benefit of the Sunshine Law, we should promote the policy of openness for the citizens by realizing it is the right thing to do.”

Haggerty said, “My vision for our city would be to increase our residential base, which would increase the desire to live in our city while promoting the movement of businesses into our area in a number of identified commercial locations.”