Grantwood Village board adopts fiscal 2014 budget

Approved budget projects surplus of $27,000

By Staff Report

A fiscal 2014 budget that projects a surplus of more than $27,000 recently was adopted by the Grantwood Village Board of Trustees.

Trustees voted unanimously to approve a resolution adopting the fiscal 2014 budget that projects total revenues of $394,100 with expenditures of $366,500 — a surplus of $27,600. Fiscal 2014 began July 1.

The approved budget projects cash on hand of $347,600 at the end of fiscal 2014.

For fiscal 2013, which ended June 30, revenues totaling $393,902 are projected with expenditures of $345,430 — a surplus of $48,472. Cash on hand is projected at $320,000 for fiscal 2013.

The budget was prepared by Edward J. Balmes, a certified public accountant, according to Trustee Mark Kienstra, who serves as village clerk. Balmes was unable to attend the June 18 meeting, Kienstra said.

“… The budget tool is a guidance for the trustees and the residents as we move forward. It projects what we believe our revenues will be and it projects where we believe our expenses will be,” he said.

Kienstra later said, “As a village, our job is to provide services to our residents, and so really, that’s what this budget represents. This village does not own a shovel. This village does not own a rake. This village does not have a full-time employee.

“We contract out everything we can. So this really is a services budget. The good news about the Grantwood Village budget is we have no long-term debt. As we all know, the Village Hall was paid for with cash and so our assets are our streets, our entrances, our Town Hall and the cash we have in the bank …”

The 2014 budget also includes a new line item for the village’s sewer lateral insurance program, which voters approved in April.

Trustees voted to eliminate their monthly stipends — $400 per trustee and $450 for the chairman — to help fund the program. In addition, homeowners will be assessed a $50 annual fee.

For fiscal 2014, $24,600 is budgeted in expenditures for the sewer lateral insurance program.

In the city’s general fund, 2014 expenditures are projected at $46,400 — less than the $58,040 projected for fiscal 2013 and less than the $72,222 spent in fiscal 2012. The decline in general fund expenditures is attributable directly to the board’s decision to forgo its monthly stipend, Kienstra said.

Public safety expenditures for fiscal 2014 are projected at $130,000, up from the $124,601 anticipated in fiscal 2013.

For 2014, a total of $165,500 is projected to be spent on roads, including $100,000 for maintenance, $45,500 for trees and landscaping and $20,000 for lighting and snow removal. The total fiscal 2013 expenditure projections include $85,051 for maintenance, $45,495 for trees and landscaping and $19,943 for lighting and snow removal.

Noting the budget projects a surplus of more than $27,000, Kienstra said, “… If we would have a material event where something would change during the year, we can certainly adjust this budget. But this is our guidance based on where we think our revenues are and based on historical expenses. It really addresses the needs for services that we see coming up …”

In other business, trustees approved the appointment of Paul Pfeiffer to serve on the board.

Pfeiffer, who will serve as public works director, is the first resident of Forest Haven West to serve on the board. He is a retired St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officer.

Kienstra said, “I applaud Mr. Pfeiffer’s volunteerism and sense of community spirit …”

Pfeiffer succeeds Walter Rust, who resigned from the board in May. He and his wife, Lois, have resided in Grantwood Village since 2007.

At a special meeting May 30, the board voted to appoint Pat Williams to serve as a trustee.

Williams, who was a trustee in 2011-2012, will serve as treasurer. She is the former executive director of the Asthma & Allergy Foundation. Before that, she was associate director for the St. Louis Ronald McDonald House.

She and her husband, Jack, own Tropical Moose Shaved Ice and Walk Away Waffles.

Williams succeeds Will Larson, who resigned from the board in April.