GOP official knows of no Republicans displeased with councilman

To the editor:

I read in the June 22 Call that recall efforts against 6th District County Council Councilman Ernie Trakas, R-Oakville, are a bipartisan effort, and that Republicans are displeased with Councilman Trakas’ decisions as councilman.

For the record, in my role as the Republican committeewoman for Oakville Township, I have not yet found a Republican who is displeased with Councilman Trakas and who is supportive of a recall effort. Rather, the Republicans whom I am in contact with across all south county are very supportive of Councilman Trakas.

Republicans may not agree with each other about everything, but we are supportive of Councilman Trakas, and are not supportive of a recall effort. We are happy to have a councilman who is not a rubber stamp to a county government that is based in Clayton, far removed from the issues affecting south county.

While he was elected as a Republican, our observation is that Mr. Trakas is trying to represent both Republicans and Democrats in the area to ensure that our community becomes the best it can be.

But because this type of representation is so rare in today’s supercharged political climate, this mode of representation may be one reason why both sides of the aisle in Clayton are feeling tense these days.

Celeste Witzel