Football Flyers to tackle Tigers

Lindbergh travels to Oakville for final regular-season game

By Robert Chalupny

The Lindbergh High School varsity football team will tackle one of its biggest rivals tonight — Friday.

For their final regular-season game, the 2-6 Flyers will travel to Oakville to face the 4-4 Tigers at 7 p.m. at Oakville High, 5557 Milburn Road.

Lindbergh head coach Tom Beauchamp expects his squad to have its hands full against the Tigers, but hopes to come away with the victory.

“They must be pretty good offensively,” Beauchamp said about the Tigers, citing the 63-14 pounding Oakville gave Mehlville last week. “I’m just now starting to break down a little bit of film and looking at film. They’ve got some weapons, that’s for sure.”

The Flyers fell to the Eureka Wildcats 40-0 last week. Despite the lopsided outcome, Beauchamp saw a few bright spots for Lindbergh.

“At times, we played very well and I think our kids saw that. I think they saw that at times. We had some bright, shiny lights out there, but even when you take that away, you still have a loss at this level,” he said.

The Lindbergh coach also gave the Wildcats credit for their performance.

“They’ve got a very good team. They are well-coached. They work hard,” he said. “The kids fly around. They play football like it should be played. They’ve got some talent, no doubt. They had a lot of kids back from their defense last year, and I think that’s what kind of did us in getting anything going offensively.”

“Our defense did a good job holding them more than the score showed, but we actually did a pretty good job most of the time. But I think we’ve just got to get some things squared away. I mean, we have things we need to do on defense, but we’ve got to get something going on offense (and) keep our defense off the field, too.”

Beauchamp added, “We’re all aware of that and our offensive coordinator, Tom Humphries, takes that more to heart than any of us does — as well as the kids. So we’ve just got to keep working to get better offensively, as well as some of the other areas.”