Football Flyers come from behind to defeat Parkway South 24-21, remain undefeated

Lindbergh High football team to face Marquette on Friday.


The most exciting play of the Lindbergh High School football team’s season so far ended in their favor, but it almost led to heartbreak in its 24-21 win over Parkway South High School Friday.

“I told them they have to pay attention to details. They were celebrating too early with everyone else. We have to watch the details because the ball was on the ground, and their guys saw it but our guy finally thought: ‘Oh, no you don’t,’ and landed on it,” Lindbergh head coach Tom Beau-champ said of his Flyers’ game-winning field-goal block.

Lindbergh’s defense already had bowed down for three touchdowns and its most points allowed in a game, but stood tall in the final seconds to block the game-tying field goal attempt.

“The whole place went nuts. It was a heck of a game. It was a wild win,” Beauchamp said.

Parkway South (2-2) took possession with about one minute remaining in the game and moved the ball to inside Lindbergh’s 10-yard line, where they set up for the field goal. The winning block that sent the Lindbergh players and fans into pandemonium was made possible by the Flyers’ comeback from a 12-point deficit in the fourth quarter.

“We were down 9-21, and we’re thinking: ‘Oh no, this is it. This is our first loss,’ but then the guys kept fighting back and we pulled it out,” Beauchamp said.

Lindbergh scored first and led at halftime, but Parkway South’s third quarter threatened to end Lindbergh’s undefeated season in week four.

Parkway South scored on a two-yard run and a 21-yard pass less than two minutes apart to take the 21-9 lead. The score held up until Lindbergh dug into its bag of tricks, and pulled off a flea flicker 66-yard touchdown pass with 9:11 to play.

Flyers senior Tim Hamm-Bey took the handoff, tossed back to junior quarterback Peter Simpson and Simpson launched a pass downfield to senior Will Spitzfaden.

Spitzfaden snatched the back end of the ball out of the air as it was falling to the ground before scoring.

“We had a bunch of great plays, and we dropped a few passes, too,” Beauchamp said.

Down 21-16, senior wide receiver Adam Schremp pulled in a 25-yard touchdown pass from Simpson with his outstretched arms with 6:21 remaining.

Hamm-Bey gave Lindbergh a three-point lead with a scoring run on the two-point conversion attempt.

Simpson has thrown eight touchdowns in the first four games.

Flyers freshman Garrett Krueger put Lindbergh ahead 9-7 in the second quarter with an interception returned for a touchdown.

Senior kicker Matt Klingler kicked a 34-yard field goal on the Flyers’ opening drive for their first lead.

Lindbergh nearly took a two-score lead into halftime, but a fourth-and-goal pass tipped off the hands of Spitzfaden in the end zone at the end of the half.

The Flyers will travel to Marquette High School for a 7 p.m. game Friday against the 1-3 Mustangs.