Flyers get narrow win in soccer match with Tigers

By Steve Glover

Like two world-class prize fighters, Oakville and Lindbergh squared off in a soccer match that proved to be more than a Saturday afternoon of entertainment.

The game served as a possible preview to the District Six boys’ soccer championship game, which includes both Oakville and Lindbergh along with Mehlville, St. Mary’s and Webster Groves. Lindbergh came away with a hard-fought 1-0 win over Oakville.

“I think that Oakville’s definitely a game that our guys don’t need a pep talk about,” Lindbergh Head Coach Dan Dorsey told the Call.

“It was definitely a good win over a quality program. Oakville’s been the team as far as public schools go,” he added.

Lindbergh (1-1) received a second-half goal by junior forward Nick Bigogno after a throw-in by senior mid fielder Kevin Duniven, who assisted on the goal.

“Nick’s a really solid player in the middle of the field,” Dorsey said. “He scored a very nice goal and it’s something that we can expect to see more of this year.”

The loss for Oakville High (1-1) was tough to swallow for the host Tigers after handing St. Mary’s a 3-1 loss earlier in the week.

Tigers Head Coach Dave Robben was quick to give the Flyers credit in continuously keeping Oakville out of rhythm and off their style of play.

“Lindbergh was really able to keep us out of sync,” Robben said. “Their aggressiveness and style of play kept us off our game.

“We opened up really strong against St. Mary’s and we’re able to knock the ball around pretty well,” he added.

Lindbergh goalkeeper Jon Colvin-Fritz recorded his first shutout of the season after making eight saves against the Tigers.

Colvin-Fritz moved up to the starter’s role after serving as the backup to Ryan Ball last season.

The Flyers head coach noted that despite Colvin-Fritz’ experience in the net, he’s played quite solidly for Lindbergh so far this season.

“I think that these first two games have been a real reawakening for Jon,” Dorsey said. “He played a very solid game against Oakville and played with a lot of confidence.”

Oakville returns this Friday to action at 5:30 p.m. as it plays Parkway West in the South/West Shootout at Sportport.

The Tigers have won their division in the South/West Shootout the past three seasons and Robben is looking for the tournament to be a springboard for better things to come this season.

“We’re looking for this tournament to be a springboard to getting back on track,” Robben said. “We have the opportunity to see teams that we normally wouldn’t see all year long.”

Lindbergh also is slated to play in the South/West Shootout at Sportport when the Flyers play Parkway South this Friday.

Dorsey is looking for good things to happen this year from his new squad.

Yet, he realizes that there’s a good possibility that the Flyers could not only hook up with the Tigers in the tournament finals, but also the district championship game.

“Our guys played with confidence and some composure against Oakville,” Dorsey said. “Oakville’s a hard working team and we expect to see them again come the end of the season.”

The Lindbergh Flyers’ game against Parkway South is scheduled for a 5:30 p.m. start.