Filing under way for August primary election

Staff report

Filing for the Aug. 8 primary election for county, state and federal offices opened last week and will continue until 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 28.

At press time, five people had thrown their names into the race for county executive, including incumbent Charlie Dooley, D-north county. So far, Dooley will be contested by fellow Democrats Charlotte Meshell, 10209 Count Drive, 63136, and Carl Johnson, 1901 Ashby Road, 63114.

Republican candidate Joe Passanise, 526 Sarah Lane, 63141, and Libertarian hopeful Theo “Ted” Brown Sr. 10103 Barron Drive, 63136, also filed for county executive last week.

Incumbent Democratic Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch, 603 Norfolk Drive, 63122, was the only person who had filed for that county post at press time.

Four County Council seats are also up for election. Democratic incumbent District 1 Councilwoman Hazel Erby, 8340 Fullerton Ave., 63132, is the only councilwoman so far to be uncontested.

Republican incumbent 5th District Councilman Kurt Odenwald, 7316 Sutherland Ave., 63119, has filed. He will be challenged by Democratic candidate Barbara Fraser, 581 Stratford Avenue, 63130.

Republican incumbent 7th District Councilman Greg Quinn, 331 Norwich Court, 63011, also has filed and will be challenged at the polls by Democratic candidate Steven Biggs, 17432 Hilltop Ridge Drive, 63025.

The County Council’s 3rd District seat will have a new face elected this year as Republican incumbent Councilman Skip Mange will not seek re-election. So far, two Republican candidates — Fenton Mayor Dennis Hancock, 29 Sennawood Drive, 63026, and Colleen Wasinger, 860 Durbin Court, 63141 — have filed.

In state office, Missouri House seats in the 66th, 85th, 95th, 96th, 97th and 100th are among those up for election.

In District 66, incumbent Democrat Michael Vogt, 6035 Weber Road, 62123, is the only person who has filed.

In District 85, incumbent Republican Jim Lembke, 812 Ann Lynn Court, 63125, has filed for re-election. Two Democrats have filed — Bob Burns, 9057 Southview, 63123, and Tom Organ, 4636 Longspur Drive, 63128-2316.

In District 95, incumbent Republican Jim Avery, 9714 Big Bend Blvd., has filed.

In District 96, incumbent Democrat Patricia “Pat” Yeager, 729 Reed Ave., 63125-1417, is so far uncontested.

In District 97, incumbent Republican Walt Bivins, 9 Idecker Court, 63129-1766, is the only person who has filed.

In District 100, only incumbent Democrat Sue Schoemehl, 2629 Bluff Ridge Drive, 63129-5503, has filed.

In the race for Missouri’s U.S. representative for District 2, Republican incumbent Todd Akin of St. Louis has filed along with Democrats Rich Lesh of St. Charles, Judi Parker of Crestwood, George D. Weber of Eureka and John Hogan of St. Charles.

In the race for Missouri’s U.S. representative for District 3, Democratic incumbent Russ Carnahan of St. Louis is the only person who has filed.