Eureka defeats Mehlville in opening round of district playoffs

By Robert Chalupny

The Mehlville Senior High School football team’s grueling 2-8 season came to an end Friday night when the Panthers fell 35-0 to Eureka in the opening round of the district playoffs.

Panthers head coach Eric Meyer, while he did challenge is players to win the game, he was well aware of the mountain they would have to climb to get past the Wildcats.

“… The kids played hard. They’re a little beat up and they’re just too good of a team,” Meyer said of Eureka. “They’re a good team. They lost to Lafayette and CBC.

“So, we knew going in that this was a really good football team, that we we’re going to have to do everything perfect, and it just wasn’t in the cards. But the kids played hard, they battled, they fought the whole time, they never gave up. I’m just sad for them that it wasn’t better.”

While it was a disappointing season, there were some victories behind the scenes, according to Meyer.

“I really appreciate all the hard work that they put in the weight room all year … They could have easily given up, but they never did and they just kept battling all year,” the Mehlville coach said.

“There were a lot of injuries and the kids had to play through it, but they’re hard working. They always kept a good attitude all year, you know, with our record. I think they practiced hard, so I appreciate all their hard work.”

Meyer told the Call that injuries were a struggle for the Panthers this year. He hopes not to see so many injuries next season, but is optimistic about next year because of the experience his returning players gained.

“Hopefully, some of these guys with bright futures can take it to the next level and the guys that come back next year work hard and have a better year next year. I hope for all of them that health is on their side because it was a rough year this year,” Meyer said.