Crestwood aldermen accept grant totaling $359,717 for Sanders Park

City administrator anticipates project to be finished, reimbursed in 2010


Crestwood aldermen last week accepted $359,717 from the Municipal Park Grant Commission to fully reimburse the city for improvements to Sanders Park.

The Board of Aldermen also voted March 24 to approve an ordinance authorizing an agreement with Hall & Halsey Associates for professional surveying, planning, design and architectural services for Sanders Park improvements. In addition, aldermen voted to amend the 2009 capital-improvements budget to reflect the $359,717 cost to improve Sanders Park.

The project costs include $332,717 for construction and $27,000 for design.

City Administrator Jim Eckrich said the city would receive 100-percent grant funding from the Municipal Park Grant Com-mission after the Sanders Park project has been completed and the commission has inspected and audited the project.

Eckrich anticipates the improvements to Sanders Park will be completed in 2010, at which time the city would receive the grant funding to be fully reimbursed for the project.

The grant agreement authorizes the following scope of work:

• Demolition and site preparation for $28,000.

• A cul-de-sac and six parking spaces on Clover Lane for $58,440; five parking spaces on Sanders Drive for $6,050; and overlay of the existing drive for $7,100.

• Renovation of the tennis court for $40,455; multipurpose court for $15,000; playground for $53,000; new swings for $1,300; Fibar playground surface for $1,850; and curb for $1,010.

• Equipment and furniture that includes three benches, two drinking fountains, a pet-waste dispenser, four picnic tables, a barbecue grill and lighting. The total authorized grant funding for this equipment is $63,722.

• A Gravois Creek safety barrier for $3,550.

• Renovation of trails and connecting trails for $53,200.

• Design fees for $27,000.