Concern for Mehlville School District’s future solvency ‘is about the kids’

To the editor:

I want to thank Mike Anthony for his recent Opinion column headlined “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.”

Giving us readers the full comment that Rich Franz made at a Mehlville Board of Education meeting was needed — and I think the comment by Franz reported in the Call is on target.

But I do not expect it will change the minds of people scolding and yelling at three members of the board at the last board meeting.

I have gotten the impression that too many of the teachers and administrators and many members of the board have convinced themselves that they actually care more about the students than the students’ own parents and grandparents in the district. They resort to caterwauling at those of us who disagree with them when we vote against what they have deemed is right.

They use the frame “it’s for the kids” whenever they want what they want. And if a vote does not go the way they want, then come the egregious and bogus accusations that we don’t care about the kids.

They have made not voting the way they want us to vote the moral equivalent of not caring about the children.

Not for a minute do I believe that all things wanted in this district are “for the kids.”

Concern for the future solvency of the school district is about the kids — because the promises made today to those working in the school district will be placed on the backs of these children when they are adults and it will crush them.

Presuming their occupation as superior and laudatory by praising and extolling their own field of work has become a very unbecoming custom in the field of education.

Kate Martin