Clean Missouri measure is back on ballot


The proposed Missouri constitutional amendment on ethics reform and redistricting, “Clean Missouri,” is back on the Nov. 6 ballot after a favorable appellate court ruling.

The measure will appear as Amendment 1 on the ballot. Among other reforms, it will limit lobbyist gifts to legislators and campaign contributions and create new legislative districts.

Three lobbyists, including the attorney for Missouri’s largest political donor, Rex Sinquefield, and the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry sued to take it off the ballot, alleging that the measure contained multiple subjects. But Clean Missouri advocates argued that every reform was about the Legislature.

Cole County Circuit Court Judge Dan Cole threw the measure off the ballot in September, agreeing that it contained multiple subjects. But his decision was unanimously overturned by a three-judge panel of the Western District of the Missouri Court of Appeals, and the Missouri Supreme Court declined to review it.