Citizens are tired of emissions testing ‘scam’

To the editor:

After seeing the news this noon hour, I now see why our local, state and national government has some of the problems it has.

The people who want to keep emission testing in the area keep telling us it is about clean air. If that is the case, why can a person applying for a half-ton license be re-jected and yet pay more money and get a one-ton license?

Why can vehicles come into St. Louis County from surrounding counties and Illinois that are not subjected to clean air standards?

Why every testing cycle can someone stick literally hundreds of dollars into trying to pass and then get a waiver?

The Call newspaper disagreed with me — which is its prerogative — when I ran for the County Council and put emissions testing as a top priority. The citizens are tired of this scam. The testing company has been put out of multiple states and Elliott Davis of Channel 2 already proved the state could legally not be held to this contract which they only receive pennies on the dollar for.

Start writing letters to Sen. Jim Talent and tell him this needs to be gone or at worst revised. Back all legislators who are fighting this program and join citizens such as Mike Christeson, who last session was in Jeffer-son City on his own accord every week.

I wish we, the citizens, were invited to more of these closed-door sessions. How ironic is this: St. Louis County residents take their cars to Jefferson County for the inspection. I guess the clean air people know what’s best for a community of 3 million. If you drive a vehicle, there will be some pollution. If you want to see massive air quality go down the drain, go by some major companies at peak output hours. How much regulation is there?

Please support all who are trying to end the injustice of these car inspections.

Ron Wagganer