BREAKING NEWS (as of 6 a.m. on Friday, April 3)

Mehlville firefighters contribute $32,800 to Polizzi campaign


Of $35,410 collected by Citizens for a Safer South County to support Peter “P.J.” Polizzi’s candidacy for a seat on the Mehlville Fire Protection Board of Directors, $32,800 has come from Mehlville firefighters and their political-action committee.

Polizzi is challenging incumbent Treasurer Bonnie Stegman in the April 7 election for a six-year term. Stegman first was elected in 2005.

As of April 2, Citizens for a Safer South County had reported combined collections of $35,410 to the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners.

The group’s March 30 report also showed $18,866.77 in expenditures and a $100 contribution to the Tesson Ferry Democratic Organization.

The group had received $28,300 from Mehlville firefighters and $4,500 from the Mehlville Firefighters Local 1889 Fire Fighters Action Committee to Elect, or FACE, according to the March 30 report and a subsequent April 1 addendum.

Conversely, South County Citizens for Public Reform reported with the Missouri Ethics Commission as of March 30 that it had raised $1,650.47 and spent $7,641.36 in support of Stegman’s candidacy for re-election.

MFPD Board of Directors Chairman Aaron Hilmer serves as treasurer of South County Citizens for Public Reform.

Besides the $32,800 from Mehlville firefighters and FACE, Citizens for a Safer South County reported receiving contributions of $500 from former MFPD Board of Directors Chairman Tom O’Driscoll, $300 from the Maryland Heights Fire Fighters Shop Fund, $300 from the Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri Local 2665’s political-action committee, $200 from International Association of Fire Fighters District 2 Vice President Mark Woolbright and $200 from Mehlville IAFF Local 1889 attorney John Goffstein.

The committee also reported collecting a total of $1,135 from people each giving $100 or less.

Of Citizens for a Safer South County’s reported March 30 expenditures of $18,866.77, itemized expenditures include: $7,539.62 to Aloha Print & Copy for printing, $6,488.67 to the U.S. Postal Service for postage, $1,631.92 to Fed-Ex Kinko’s for printing and mailing, $1,460 to Call Newspapers for advertising, $898.09 to MFPD Lt. Doug Weck for reimbursement for postage and fund-raiser refreshments, $416.60 to MFPD Capt. Mike Yemm for reimbursement for fund-raiser supplies and $388.80 to Trio Graphics.

As for South County Citizens for Public Reform, the committee reported March 30 that it has received contributions of $525.47 from Citizens for Accountable Education, $500 from Telegraph Center LLC, $200 from ArtCo Fabricating and $100 from Oakville resident Victor Wendl. The group also reported receiving $300 from people each giving $100 or less.

The committee also reported expenditures of $5,084.36 to City Graphics for mailers and flyers and $2,557 to Call Newspapers for advertising.