Writer says that Lindbergh Schools has taken a ‘hard turn to the left’


To the editor:

I read with great dismay the July 23 edition of the St Louis Call where the Lindbergh Board of Education kicks off diversity and equity training. 

The key word here is “equity”. This is just another variation of Critical Race Theory which is a repackaged version of Marxism that aims for equity versus equality. What’s the difference? Equality of opportunity is a bedrock of our Republic, we all get the same opportunities and succeed and fail based upon our efforts. Equity looks at outcomes and assumes the differences in achievement are based upon discrimination and must be remedied by the state (or school). 

Marxism has failed everywhere it has been implemented but here we go again.

Superintendent Lake – why not take radical politics out of the classroom and do the students a real service by focusing resources on STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math?

John S. Mize