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Writer says Kavanaugh case shows that #metoo is for political gains


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

On the idea that #metoo is not for political gains — let’s point the right finger at the right people here.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has alleged that now-U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her almost 30 years ago.

Whether this young man did this at the time is not my point. There are too many missing facts to form any opinion, much less a real judgment.

From the news I have heard that Dr. Ford has received praise for stepping up, and death threats.

The death threats coming from the obvious side, and people saying she waited too late to bring this up or it is a lie. Republican senators asked that she come in or allow them to come to her so that she could give a sworn testimony and have the FBI look into it.

The left is coming out saying the GOP is trying to hurry this along and is not doing the victim justice.

I cannot pretend to know what this woman is going through, if it did happen or not.

I will state we are not putting any blame or giving flak to the correct people.

Kavanaugh was nominated July 9. Dr. Ford wrote this letter to U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein in late July. That would have been time to bring this issue up.

The government wasted two months of FBI background checks, hearings and even just Kavanaugh’s time.

Skeptics of the #metoo movement, including myself — I am working on this flaw of mine — point to time statutes, and why now?

If Sen. Feinstein was really worried about the victims of #metoo and not about her own political career and personal gains, this letter would have been brought up then.

“But, what if Kavanaugh would have failed in his hearings?” you ask.

Give the letter to the FBI while they are doing their own checks.

If she feels it was not addressed by the FBI in the hearings, then she could make it public like it is now.

So let’s not get upset at Dr. Ford or Justice Kavanaugh until we know the facts.

The only facts we have now are that Sen. Feinstein held onto a letter for two months and revealed it not to protect other victims of sexual predators, but for political gains.

Shawn Finney
Sunset Hills

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