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Writer encourages community to educate themselves about proposed QT

Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

Please educate yourselves before you approve this unnecessary land usage at a truly historical site in south St. Louis County. Some county residents understand this fact but for others living outside of this community, it is not stronger than the call of cash developments. There are many other reasons to say a strong no to a QT at the corner of Butler Hill and Lemay Ferry.

How about the County Council and Planning Commission actually taking a look at the site yourselves, carpooling to that stretch of the roads and corner during rush hour and picturing the impact of the multiple left and right turns being made in and out of a gas convenience mart at a tight highly trafficked corner. 

How many pumps are they going to have? Who did the traffic study that said the traffic flow would be ‘non impacting’ as stated in the June 24th Call? What time was it done. 11 p.m. or during rush hours?

Traffic visibility is decreased at this intersection due to the sloping nature of both streets at their intersection. Multiple residents access Interstate 55/270 from Butler Hill and Lemay Ferry for work, trips home from work. What about the Mehlville school buses trying to navigate this area?

Is the plan to widen that portion of Butler Hill also in the making, encroaching on nearby apartment dwellers and existing businesses?

No doubt the longterm inconvenience of those who need that access when that happens is not a consideration for decisionmakers. For sure I know QT won’t give a flip about that either. 

Please do yourself and others the favor of self-educating on the negative impacts of these developments on urban areas. 

There are multiple large apartment complexes within walking distances, subdivisions, BJC medical center, small businesses. Not to mention the existence of three gas stations and a large 24-hour Schnucks within a couple miles.

I have included the web address of the Community and Environmental Defense Services so you can be fully informed about this issue:

Nancy Matlock


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