‘We must elect Joan Barry to the state Senate,’ Democratic committeeman says

This is the first time I’ve written an article to any paper about any subject. That is because this is the most critical time for south county in my life to date.

We must elect Joan Barry to the state Senate. She is the most qualified, most caring, decent candidate I have seen. She is genuine and truly a people person.

Unlike her opponent, Mr. Lembke, she believes what she says. Although he is also Christian, he has devastated the working poor with ruthless “tightening-the-budget” cuts. Just as George Bush’s economic policies have failed, including tax cuts for those making at least $900,000 a year, Joan’s opponent has been out of the mainstream.

I honestly like people from both parties and I take pride in that. However, this Republican candidate will do anything to get elected. His feud with the Yeckels is well known inside political circles and helped Democrat Harry Kennedy — who is term-limited — win in 2004.

What a coincidence that the Senate seat is now open, and he is running. Kennedy is supporting Joan Barry.

Her opponent claims to be a leader, but his party has held a big majority in the House and Senate as well as the governor’s mansion and he’s done nothing to help area schools. His actions have worsened this economy, rather than help repair the situation.

I feel even more strongly about Joan Barry’s positives than her opponent’s negatives. She is a great person and will make a great senator. 

Vote Joan Barry this November.

Tom Organ


Editor’s note: Mr. Organ serves as the Democratic committeeman for Lemay Township.